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A Nairobi, Kenya School


Lunga Lunga provides education, food and the Gospel to children in desperate need. In 2016 alone, over 130 children whom never had access to education were taught at Lunga Lunga.  The school is continuing to expand and Life Church is committed to supplying financial resources in order to grow the facilities and fund its continuing operations.

We would love to have you as a partner in this endeavor. 100% of all money donated through Life Church goes directly to the school.

Note: please be sure to designate donation to "Lunga Lunga School"


Pastor Georgia's parents, George and June Lindsay, were long-term missionaries in Nairobi, Kenya. During their time they established and grew a church named PEFA Donholm. Our church's relationship with PEFA Donholm and its Bishop, Mophat Kilioba, has continued through the years. In 2011, PEFA Donholm and Life Church partnered to establish the Lunga Lunga school in the midst of one of the largest slums in Africa. Life Church is currently the main source of funding for the school.

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